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About Us

Created in 2021 by the architects Bruno Mesquita and Caio Vargas, Black Visuals was born with a common goal: to increase the chances of good projects to become a reality.


A firmly structured architecture, well represented, with realism and authenticity, translates into reality what the mind envisioned and grants the approval that the project needs, in addition to saving important resources with the preview.


We believe in good architecture. We want to be art, to produce art. We want to be a part of your achievements, and we’re proud of it.

The founders
Bruno Mesquita

Creative Director | Architect

Creative. Ambitious. A true artist. These are some of the concepts that define Bruno's personality, head of the creative department on Black Visuals. With over 6 years of experience, Bruno studied different approaches directly from the best teachers on Brazil, references on the international market. Seeing the bigger picture, bringing references and art to the images, thinking outside the box. Bruno's approach is to bring the reality closer to you, as much as he can.

Caio Vargas

Commercial Manager | Architect

Caio is the engine gear that keeps everything on track. Specialized in Project Management with training guided by the PMI, he's responsible for keeping the projects going, respecting the deadlines, the client's goals and maintaining an efficient communication with the costumers. He's passionate about architectural vizualization and is trilled to help companies to reach a new level of virtual representation.

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