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Nº 97

The Building 97 is the typical project we like to work on: contemporary shapes, mixed with a touch of brutalism, creates a unique facade design that stands out in the urban landscape. Since it's a small tower, with only 4 floors, we decided to envelop the whole project in the landscape shadows, generating a cozy and warm feeling in the final product.

The gardens that surround the development gives an extra touch, bringing the user closer to the nature, breaking that distance the urban landscape brings us. Yellow and green were the tones we chose to focus into, to bring that feeling of sunrise, the beggining of the day, where you can sit down on your porch surrounded by gardens and drink a good hot cup of cofee. It doesn't get better than that!

If you want to see the full project, visit our behance:



With an eye-catching exterior that contrasts with the rough beauty of the concrete, contemporary architecture like this is something you won’t soon forget.

imob 0128.webp


The well-made 3D model allows the exploration of different angles and views. In this case, we explore balconies that, with their generous ceiling heights, invite the gaze to enter the environment.

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